Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why Blogging Makes You fat, and other developments

Blogging makes you fat. It's a proven fact. It made me fat; but in all honesty, I would have found other ways to be fat anyway, but it's easy to blame blogging, ha! Blogging means you will cook more, and probably cook fattier things. The mindset of a blogger (i.e. a blogger talking to him/herself):

Ooh, I'll start a diet; I'll blog about that.

No one wants to read about your boring diet.

Why not?; aren't toasted almonds strewn upon a bed of steamed kale the most appetizing thing you've ever read?

Ah, no, and come to think of it, I wouldn't want to eat it either.

Ok, so I'll blog about the calorie and fat-laden cupcake I just made.

Yes, that sounds good. Blog about that.

Currently I'm sitting in the computer nook, arguably the warmest place in here, eating an entire tupperware full of ice cream with cookie dough -- it's homemade, and yes, I've blogged about it, but it's not exactly healthy. And so the time passes, and my hips get wider.. but, not important!!


Some of you have expressed concern over the situation with my spawn of the Devil bathroom. Things are all good -- we hope. Our shower hasn't really reached a temperature of above lukewarm since we moved here. I am happy to report, that as of yesterday afternoon, we now have the capability of being scalded by our shower water!! YES!!!! This is a big moment for us. The day has arrived when I could take normal showers in my bathroom!! Yaaaaay! Thank you to everyone that worried about us. Things are definitely looking up, and hot!

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