Monday, October 16, 2006

Risotto on a chilly night...

Fall is definitely in the air here. The wind is biting, the sun doesn't provide that gentle warmth you'd expect it to.... and I often find my nights here cold because my apartment cools down a lot during this time of year.

I had already eaten a lightish dinner of chicken soup and vermicelli, but I felt like warming up a bit. The best part of risotto, apart from eating it, is making it -- you spend time in front of the warm hob, and it is just the therapeutic thing you need on a chilly night.

I wanted to make the simplest risotto possible -- I used my newest book, Risotto! Risotto!. The most important ingredients for Risotta alla Parmigiana:

The ingredients for this risotto are sparse for a reason; it gives a risotti maker more room to experiment later on, but provides a fantastic base for something wonderful, or a gorgeous creation on its own.

Some chopped onion is fried in a little bit of butter on a gentle heat. The rice is added when the onions are soft and slicked in the glossy butter. Then, ladles of stock are added until the rice is al dente. I used chicken stock, as I love the good mood it imparts on everything.

The risotto is taken off the heat, and in goes the parmesan and some butter. Mama mia, the risotto is ready!

This was gorgeous. Simple flavors, warming on a cool night. This is why I love risotto. It can be anything you want it to be.

Even I know that I can't eat risotto alone -- otherwise I'll turn into a huge arancini that Rafa will have to push down the street. So, as I progress in this blog you will notice non-risotto recipes, but hopefully they'll be just as wonderful and welcoming. Buon appetito!

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Lady M said...

Fi, hoorah, this recipe was exactly the type of inspiration I needed to recreate a recipe. Thank you!!